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Making your
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Getting more visitors to your website is one of the key routes to growing your business. Search engine optimisation (SEO) will help you do that by making sure your site is found by the search engines.

Basically, when someone enters a search term, the engines check all of the sites to find those with relevant content. They then display these, ranked in order of value. The more 'valuable' your content is to the search, the higher up the page your site will be ranked – and the more visitors you will get. SEO is what helps those engines decide on how they rank the sites.

Content means everything that's on your site –headings, body text, images, videos, links etc. But the engines don't just stop there. They also look at things like accuracy of descriptions and keyword repetition, as well as frequency of updates.

Front page news

Getting your website found is just the beginning. Getting it ranked high on the page is vitally important and makes a real difference to the amount of site traffic you will receive. To put that in perspective, research by AOL showed that the first-ranking position in the search results receives 42.25% of all click-through traffic. The second position 11.94%, the third 8.4% and the fourth 6.05%. All others receive under 5%!

Optimum value

Optimising a website involves taking all of these factors into consideration and creating or editing content for maximum results. Different search engines have different criteria. Yahoo ranks sites according to the number of other sites linking to it, page content and testing of new product versions amongst other things. Google likes a clear hierarchy, text links and accurate, descriptive alt tags.

It's a complex and involved process – and because the web is constantly evolving and increasingly competitive, websites need constant attention to keep them in the top rankings. No-one can guarantee to keep you on the front page, but good SEO will help you climb up the rankings and get noticed.

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