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Adding value

Sales promotion is basically a marketing initiative designed to boost sales by adding value to the basic product or service, either over a limited period of time or at a key point in the sales cycle. This gives the customer a reason to buy now rather than later.

There are lots of techniques used in sales promotion but they all share the same principle – offering the consumer something extra to encourage their purchase. It could be as simple as offering a 10% discount for orders before a set date, or free gift or a competition to win a big prize.

Using customers to get more customers

Customer-get-customer schemes are a popular way of growing business and a well-proven promotion technique. For Granite Transformations we developed a simple voucher that encouraged new customers to invite their friends or neighbours over for coffee. As well as giving them the chance to show off their new worktop, it offered them a shopping voucher for any successful referrals.

We also developed these door-drop postcards to spread the word to people living in the area whilst the job was in progress, offering a discount for new orders within a set period. Simple but effective.

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