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Making a sound choice

Radio advertising is often painted as the poor relation to TV and the place for second division brands. Yet it too delivers huge audiences, surreptitiously seeping its message into their homes, cars and places of work. Radio may lack TV's obvious glamour, but its ability to paint sound pictures and imaginary environments and capture the imagination gives it a unique power of its own.

These anti-drug commercials for the COI used sound to demonstrate the adverse effect of different drugs and resonate with young people at risk through peer pressure, as well as provide a warning sign for parents.

Special considerations

Radio delivers very specific audiences with each station having its own programming and style. It's a very popular medium with young audiences and allows advertisers to create a tone of voice that suits the message, fits the environment and strikes the right chord with the target market.

Stations often focus on different genres of music, from chart hits to dance and classical to jazz, attracting defined market sectors. There are also a host of news and talk-based stations, appealing to older audiences.

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Client: COI

Drugs awareness campaign
National coverage
60 second radio