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Keeping your brand
in the public eye

PR is an invaluable part of your marketing mix and can go a long way to help build and maintain your business image and reputation. Essentially it is unpaid for advertising that uses news stories, events and information to create third-party endorsement. This is most commonly through providing press releases to the media to gain positive coverage and increase brand exposure to their particular audiences. Increasingly, businesses are also using social media and blogs to create a PR buzz.

Managing your exposure

In essence, anything that focuses attention on your business and affects how people think about it is PR. Some smaller businesses try to manage PR themselves, but this can be extremely time consuming and not very effective. For best results, it's worth seeking professional advice and planning a proper PR campaign.

Media are not really interested in your business or product – they want the stories behind it that will interest their readers, listeners and viewers. You need to find a different angle that makes your story relevant to their market – and you need to do it consistently.

Building a positive presence

Your PR campaign needs to contribute towards achieving your marketing objectives, not just make you feel or look good. Remember too that PR can be negative as well as positive. A dissatisfied customer, or worse employee, can quickly spread the word about poor service or workmanship, or even submit a bad review online for all to see. It's vital that any negative comments or complaints are addressed quickly and outweighed with positive reports.

Simplicity is the key.

A powerful marketing tool

PR is not rocket science, but it does deserve careful consideration. It's also not a replacement for advertising, neither is it entirely free. You don't physically pay for the space or airtime, but building a rapport with media owners and getting valuable coverage takes time, money and effort. However, it is surprisingly affordable and used as part of your marketing programme can achieve great results.

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