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From a glossy magazine to a local newspaper, press advertising puts your message in front of the eyes hundreds of thousands of prospective customers. It interrupts their concentration to inform, entertain and get you noticed or helps them find just what they're looking for. It can be for a product, a service, a job, an event or simply to remind them of who you are. It can be a sexy double-page spread (DPS) or a small space ad in the back pages, colour or black and white. And it can play a huge part in helping you realise your marketing objectives.

Love them or hate them, press ads work. Even people who claim not to notice them inadvertently take in your message. And if they're looking for a bargain or a job, they'll probably study it in detail.

Perfectly placed

Press ads allow you to target your market by area and by title, providing a direct point of contact and making your message more relevant to the editorial environment and their lifestyle. They allow you to be creative, original and fun.

These ads for Mercedes ran in glossy magazines in the Middle East and played on the idea of official censorship to make the car unnaturally desirable in a male-dominated society.

For the Dubai Pizza Express franchise, this campaign turned pizza making into an art form called Pizza Expressionism, raising awareness through the medium of press and posters.

For families going away for the summer, we brought the problem of 'holiday tummy' to their attention in a light-hearted but impactful way and provided a welcome solution.

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Mercedes press

Mercedes press

Pizza Expressionism campaign ad

Pizza Expressionism campaign ad

Pizza Expressionism campaign ad

Pizza Expressionism campaign ad