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The big picture

Posters are one of the most visible, powerful and purest forms of mass-market advertising. We see them every day, on every street, at every turn. They bombard us with images and quickfire messages, selling everything from new cars to holidays and films to food and drink. They greet us from large roadside billboards, bus shelters, shopping centres, station platforms and airports. They adorn the sides and backs of buses, taxis, trucks and vans and present us with brand choices on a daily basis.

And they're not limited to outdoor. Interior bus panels and tube cards, escalator panels, taxi-seats, cross-tracks and in-store displays continue to enlighten us on our travels. In short, posters are everywhere in some form or another. They're big, they're clever and they work – brightening our day and raising brand awareness at a glance.

Making an impact

Generally speaking, posters have to work fast and make an impact in 10 seconds (cross-tracks and tube cards are a couple of examples that prove the exception as they invite a captive audience with more time on their hands to read them). They're highly visual, single-minded, colourful, versatile and often thought provoking.

This poster for Lipton's Yellow Label Tea was part of a huge branding campaign in the Middle East. Using simple 'string and tag' graphics and bold colour to highlight various benefits, this execution went a stage further and showed cars that had physically been attracted to the poster itself.

For Marine Connection, we used the poster's size and physical shape to put people in the picture about the cruelty of captive dolphin shows.

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Marine Connection poster

London Underground 48 sheet cross-track