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Designed to perform

Practically every product has some form of packaging and how that looks, feels, informs and works can have a huge influence on the purchaser. Packs exist to protect and contain the product, make it easy to use and, not least of all, to help it sell.

Packaging is the final contact with the customer before purchase. Over 70% of purchasing decisions are made 'off the shelf' and packs have less than 3 seconds to grab the consumer's attention. It's not just about looking pretty. Packaging needs to help your product stand out, identify the brand, create interest and desire and provide enough information to help them make a choice.

Sparkling finish

Our client Granite Transformations wanted to repackage E-cloths with their own branding as a recommended product for cleaning their worksurfaces, given to new customers and sold through showrooms.

We created a new 'granite finish' prestige pack with strong branding and large cutaway window to give the product extra value. The design also incorporated a silver mirror fleck finish to emphasise its effectiveness in achieving sparkling results.

The pack made such an impression that E-cloth also invited us to redesign their packaging as well.

Special considerations

Packaging has to stand on its own and convey your brand values in an instant, whether you're an established brand or new on the market. Its value and importance cannot be overstated. It has to be practical and appealing, send out the right messages and work on every level – give it the consideration it deserves. Take a look at what the competition are doing and see what you can learn from it.

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