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Connecting with
the internet generation

With the internet being the first place people turn to when looking for new products or services, researching their buying options or comparing prices, it's hardly surprising that more and more brands are using it for advertising.

One of the most appealing aspects to advertisers is the internet's huge reach, both geographically and across all age groups. Online advertising also allows them to interact with consumers through a game, competition or vote and link them directly through to their website. The use of sound, images and animation also make it hugely appealing.

For the consumer, online advertising is a something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it keeps them informed of products and services that are usually targeted towards their interests and they can choose whether to click on them to find out more. At the same time, they can become annoying and intrusive if they are too prolific or pop up too often.

Finding out what clicks

One of the most valuable aspects of online advertising for a company is that it allows you to track who is visiting your site from the ad and measure its effectiveness. Highly advanced tracking systems provide invaluable information and statistical analysis that will help you refine and coordinate your online marketing executions.

Different types of online ad

Web banners are probably the most common form of online advertising and the one that the majority of people are aware of. These are the strips and boxes that appear around or sometimes within the page content. They often include animation and invite the user to interact.

Pop-ups are another type of internet advertising. These appear in a small window automatically when the user first opens a web page. The user then has to click the ad to close the ad or find out more, ensuring that the message is seen by every visitor to the site. A lot of users turn off pop-ups on their browser to avoid these, but they still have a high success rate.

Interstitial ads go one step further and usually appear when the user clicks from one page to another. These tend to be more successful as a high percentage of users click on the ad out of curiosity while they wait for their page to load.

Pay per click ads are very popular as they are highly targeted and allow advertisers to control their exposure and budget. These appear on web pages that are associated with selected keywords and search terms.

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