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Reaching the right people

The first stage of implementing a successful advertising campaign is defining your target market – the people you want to really talk to. Obviously, the closer you can get them, the less wastage there will be, making your ads more cost effective. The next phase is deciding which media channels will get you the biggest share of that audience, planning the schedule and placing the ads.

Media planning is a highly specialised area of expertise and we work closely with selected partners to explore every opportunity and ensure every campaign, no matter how large or small, achieves its objectives and delivers the best possible return on investment.

Strategic placement

With the plethora of new and traditional media channels available, advertisers are faced with a bewildering range of options. Simply placing ads is not just a case of seeing what you can afford to do, but finding out which channels you can use most creatively to make the biggest impact.

Adjusting advertising content to suit the environment not only makes your message more relevant to the audience, it gets it noticed. We created this airport campaign for Granite Transformations' Bristol franchise.

A 48-sheet poster on the approach road set the tone, relating the product to a superior experience, using flight related terminology. A more detailed poster with call-outs greeted a captive audience whilst they were waiting in the checkout queue, and a screen slide show demonstrated ease of installation as they made their way to the departure gate. Arrivals were met with relevantly worded posters in the gate corridors and at the baggage claim carousel.

The objective was to raise brand and product awareness and point enquiries to the local showroom. The campaign ran for 3 months during the summer and the client reported enquiries up by 30% year on year, with an 85% recall of the airport posters.

Special considerations

Media planning is involved and time consuming and we would always recommend employing professional help to get the best possible coverage. However, for smaller or locally focused campaigns, you may prefer to buy your own media and negotiate deals directly. If you are considering doing this, it's important to build up a good relationship with the media sales department and make sure they understand your objectives. That way they will be able to advise you of any special editorial features or promotions that may be relevant to your target market.

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Granite Transformations

Bristol airport
48 sheets posters
Backlit check-in poster
TV slideshow
Walkway 6 sheets
Carousel 6 sheets

Granite Transformations TV stills

Granite Transformations TV stills

Granite Transformations TV stills

Granite Transformations TV stills

Granite Transformations TV stills