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Symbols of success

Logos are the shorthand we use everyday to represent our business. They are a graphic representation of what a company does and is all about – its unique thumbprint. Images are easier to remember than names and logos help us to identify one brand from another in an instant. Below is a brief selection of logos we have created for clients large and small. Each one is custom-designed to represent not just the type of business but to try and communicate something about its character and values.

Special considerations

Logos can be based on type, graphics or a combination of both, but they need to be simple, easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing. Less is usually more.

Because they are used in all sorts of communication, from a business card or letterhead to a shop sign or on a poster, they need to be scalable and work equally well whether large or small (another reason for keeping them simple). They also need to work in both colour and black and white.

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Isle of Wight Tourism logo

Isle of Wight Tourist Board

E-cloth logo design

E-cloth Microfibre Cleaning Products

CJW Electrical Contractors logo

CJW Electrical Contractors

Lifestyles at home logo

Lifestyles@home Mail Order

Trident Insurance logo

Trident Insurance Services

Bling cleaning logo

Bling Cleaning Products

Wycombe Water logo design

Wycombe Water Components Distributor