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Printed leaflets, are probably the simplest form of advertising and still one of the most widely used. Comprising of a single piece of paper, they can be printed with images and text on one or both sides. They can be flat or folded, basic or complex and any size or shape that fits the task.

Cheaper in the long-run

Usually printed in big runs, the focus is usually on economy, making them a perfect vehicle to communicate on a mass scale at events, exhibitions and venues where brochures would be too expensive to give away. Used by all kinds of businesses and organisations, from restaurants and retailers to insurance companies, charities and political parties they can be distributed in all sorts of ways – as hand-outs, flyers, take-ones, door drops, inserts or simple mailings.

Powerful and practical

Used creatively, leaflets can be a great way to get your message across and get noticed. We created this roll-fold leaflet for the Conservative Party Central Office as a mailing to members to encourage contributions to the party's campaign fund. Tightly targeted and poking fun at the opposition it also highlighted key issues and weaknesses in the then government's record.

Special considerations

Leaflets have to interest the reader quickly. Keep messages short and sharp, use strong imagery to grab their attention and make sure your leaflet is clearly branded and reflects the quality of your offer. Printing on cheap stock to save money will only devalue your message.

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Conservative Party

Encourage contribution
for the parties campaign

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