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Getting your message home

Direct Mail is one of the simplest and oldest forms of direct marketing, delivering your message straight to your market's home or office by post. It can be tightly targeted to reach specific sectors or individuals, can be personalised and also has the advantage of allowing physical objects or samples to be sent.

We devised this business to business 'wooden spoon' mailing as an internal communication for motor finance giant GMAC to stir up action from their network of UK dealers. 3-D objects add an extra dimension to the message and help it to stand out from other mail. By combining it with a charity donation, we appealed to their corporate conscience to reply within a set time limit.

Special considerations

3-D mailings are a highly effective and creative way to get your message noticed and often result in a higher than average response. However, size and weight, custom envelopes and fulfilment all add to mailing costs and can make them too expensive for larger-scale mailings.

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Client: GMAC
Survey Mailer

Encouraging response
for a good cause

GMAC survey mailer