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Creating a living brand

Focusing on Granite Transformation's distinctive 'g' icon, we created a strong brand identity that reflected the company's core values of simplicity, value and contemporary design. Accenting the orange helped to create immediate stand-out for High Street showrooms and the theme translates neatly across all areas, from van livery to corporate stationery, consumer literature and uniforms.

Special considerations

When we first started working with Granite Transformations, their branding was confused and inconsistent. Their logo appeared in different proportions, positions and even styles. Colours and typefaces varied from execution to execution and franchise to franchise.

As a franchise operation, brand consistency is vitally important to build consumer confidence and trust. Although independently owned, each showroom needs to reflect the same values and show that it is part of a bigger network.

Granite Transformations' unique offer of 'the top that fits on top' gives them a niche position in the crowded and highly competitive home improvement market. We wanted to create a distinctive look that would help to explain their offer more clearly and boost their High Street presence. It also had to be adaptable to work across many different styles of retail unit, from standard shop fronts to conservation areas and even factory outlets on industrial estates.

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